Defence Aviation

Design and Manufacturing

We take pride in our capability to design and manufacture non-critical and critical components for defence aircraft. Currently supporting Indian Airforce BRDs, HAL and other defence aircraft maintenance and manufacturing establishments on their reverse-engineering and indigenisation requirements, we aspire to participate in development of air borne components required in the manufacturing and assembly line.

With our depth of knowledge on airworthiness compliance requirements, backed by a team of aeronautical design engineers and manufacturing capabilities, we can design and manufacture both mechanical and electronic airborne components.

Our founders during their career span have handled buildup of complete cabin of defence helicopters, converting a cargo carrier into VVIP configuration. Among various small and big projects, we have also developed LED cabin lighting and landing gear lighting system for defence aircraft, which is a testimony of our design and manufacturing capability.

Testers and GSE Fabrication

Our electronic and mechanical design, development and validation capabilities enable us to manufacture various types of component and sub-assembly testers for the defence aircraft.

Based on our understanding of the functionality of various aircraft systems, our engineers can provide customised solution for testing and fault finding of aircraft computer and different LRUs. Our inhouse schematic and PCB design capabilities help us trace the circuit diagram and develop the testers accordingly. We can also upgrade the current testers.

Speciality Consumables

AeroChamp is a distributor of special purpose consumables which are required for regular operations, maintenance and assembly of aircraft.

Spare Parts Supply

AeroChamp has been supplying spare parts to both civil and defense establishments for a long time and we have developed a reliable network of part suppliers to support our customers.

We specialize in hard-to-find avionics, hydraulic and mechanical parts. We have long-term arrangements with logistics companies which can ship the parts real fast based on the requirement of our customer.