Aircraft Speciality Consumables Supply For Aviation

Speciality Consumables

Speciality Consumables

AeroChamp is a distributor of special purpose consumables which are required for regular operation and maintenance of aircraft.

Armite – The highest quality aviation and military grade lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, rust penetrants, and other specialty chemical compounds. Download Brochure

RPM Technology – Sealant remover, surface protector and cleaner. Download Brochure

Callington – Callington has been the prime supplier of WHO biosecurity products since 1990 to the global aviation industry. Many of the aviation products hold Boeing, Airbus USAF French Military and NATO approvals.

From aircraft disinsection products to inflight, cabin cleaning & pest control, line maintenance and exterior cleaning, Callington is the world’s leading chemical solutions supplier to the global aviation industry. Download Brochure