Civil Aviation

Aircraft Interiors

Your aircraft is a reflection of personality, taste and style. A company-owned aircraft can project a corporate image to your clients and makes a powerful statement about you and your corporate values. An individual may want to blend lifestyle, work, and personal style all together into the overall exterior and interior appearance of his aircraft.

Aircraft Exteriors

Maintaining the exterior appearance of an aircraft adds life to the airframe and saves fuel cost by reducing the weight and drag. Proper exterior maintainance of an aircraft improves its appearance, extends paint life and prevents corrosion.

Design and Fabrication

AeroChamp has established itself as a leading design centre for aircraft components and sub-assemblies. Our capability includes 3D scanning of components, engineering drawings, 3D modeling, valication and manufacturing. Our team consists of experienced mechanical and electronic engineers who understand the airworthiness requirements of every component. Our project management team 

Maintenance Support

AeroChamp represents some of the leading MROs and component repair shops for the Middle East and Asia region. Our capability of maintenance support is as below. We share long term relationship with leading MROs across USA, Europe and Indian sub-continent, bringing the benefit of our understanding,

Spare Parts Supply

Your Aircraft is As Safe As the Spare parts used on it. We partner with OEMs and Repair Shops all over the globe to ensure efficient and effective service for our customers.

If you need it, we can get it for you……

Specialty Consumables

AeroChamp is a distributor of special-purpose consumables which are required for regular operation and maintenance of aircraft.

Armite – The highest quality aviation and military-grade lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, rust penetrants, and other specialty chemical compounds. Download Brochure