Aircraft Interiors

Business Jet Interiors

Your aircraft is a reflection of personality, taste and style. A company-owned aircraft can project a corporate image to your clients and makes a powerful statement about you and your corporate values. An individual may want to blend lifestyle, work and personal style all together into the overall exterior and interior appearance of his aircraft.

Aircraft interiors is a super speciality job and not another stream of revenue for MROs. It needs deep understanding of technology, material, air safety, regulation and finest workmanship to deliver world class Aircraft Interior. MROs all over the world depend on specialists to handle the Interior refurbishment and modification of the aircraft under their maintenance.

An eye for precision with knowledge of colour and texture is required to handle interior projects and deliver superfine quality. Our team consisting of design and execution experts with vast experience of material, application process and project handling is capable of delivering the best cabin interior as per your taste and class.

No project is too small or too large for us, whether carpet change on a small propeller aircraft or complete refurbishment of a large business jet with floor plan modifications and FAA/EASA STC approval, our team takes each project with the same seriousness. Our expertise includes cabin amenities such as Wi-Fi internet, multi-media entertainment system, latest wireless cabin control, exotic hardwood and veneer cabinetry, premium leather upholstery, designer fabrics and custom carpets.

AeroChamp along with its partners in the US and Europe has handled more than 50 interior refurbishment and completion projects. AeroChamp team consists of high end designers, DOA, completion centre and refurbishment facilities, thus a one stop shop for all your aircraft interior requirements.

Airlines Cabin Interiors

Our founders have represented some of the leading cabin equipment manufacturing OEMs and supplied highest number of passenger seats currently flying in the region.

With a beginning by supplying airline passenger seats, we enhanced our capability on seat overhaul, subsequently moving to plastic and composite parts repair, metal parts fabrication and reverse engineering to optimise the maintenance cost and reduce the TAT for airlines. Over the years, our company has developed repair scheme for several plastic parts like fairing, meal table, arm cap, escutcheon, harness etc, and indigenised many of these parts where the OEM had high MOQ and lead time.

We partner with EASA DOA and FAA DER to provide Part-21 design, manufacturing and certification services to the airlines for LOPA change and cabin modification. Our company has invested in the CAR-145 organization and is able to offer end-to-end cabin design, upgrade and repair solutions to the airlines.

Aircraft Cabin Interior Products Distribution

Due to our deep knowledge of aircraft cabin interior products and their application as per the regional preferences and usage, our customers rely on us for product recommendation. Our customers consisting of Interior refurbishment centres to business jet and airline operators trust us when it comes to new product selection and its application for their fleet. We have gained this trust over the years due to our honest recommendations and business ethics.
Our founders have represented some of the leading aircraft cabin and galley equipment OEMs, and sold highest number of aircraft seats between 2005 to 2014, enjoying a market share of more than 50% during that period. They have introduced light weight passenger seats to the low cost airline carriers (LCC) for fuel saving and bagged multi-million dollar deals for the principals. We continue to carry forward the legacy of our founders with a strong position in the aircraft cabin interiors market.  

With a customer base of 120+ interior refurbishment shops, 250+ airlines, 340+ private jet operators (charter, business jet and helicopter) and 200+ MROs, we have the largest customer base in the Middle East and Asia. AeroChamp has emerged as a preferred distribution partner for some of the leading manufacturers and resellers of aircraft interior products from the US and Europe. We work closely with several OEMs to help them reach out to the customers in the Middle East and Asia region.