Aircraft Component Testers and GSE Fabrication

Testers and GSE Fabrication

Our electronic and mechanical design, development and validation capabilities enable us to manufacture various types of component and sub-assembly testers for the defence aircraft.

Based on our understanding of the functionality of various aircraft systems, our engineers can provide customised solution for testing and fault finding of aircraft computer and different LRUs. Our inhouse schematic and PCB design capabilities help us trace the circuit diagram and develop the testers accordingly. We can also upgrade the current testers.

Our engineering team understands the requirements of certification agencies in India such as, CEMILAC and DGAQA and are fully familiar with the certification procedures and documentation for defence aircraft.

Souring the correct MIL specs components with traceability certificates is one of the key factors in the manufacturing of testers and GSE equipment. Our company has a global reach, which helps us source the hard to find components.