Aircraft Exteriors

Aircraft Exterior Detailing and Painting

Maintaining the exterior appearance of an aircraft adds life to the airframe and saves fuel cost by reducing the weight and drag. Proper exterior maintainance of an aircraft improves its appearance, extends paint life and prevents corrosion.

AeroChamp offers a comprehensive range of aircraft exterior maintenance services which include detailing, corrosion protection, paint touch up, bright work, registration marking, decal marking, screen printing and full aircraft painting. We have skilled manpower and experienced painters to carry out exterior maintenance tasks at third party locations. We are well equipped with latest tools and our technicians are trained on use of appropriate consumables for specific tasks.

Our company has long term tieup with 3 airport operators in India, where we have access to their hanger for aircraft painting. Our team has carried out several business jet and helicopter paintings.

Our exterior capability

Protective Covers

AeroChamp Engine Covers are specially designed for easy installation and convenient storing in the bag supplied with the kit. These engine covers are made to measurement and thus fit exactly over the cowling and retained with non-metal buckles. 

Engine intake and exhaust covers usually preferred in water repellent red nylon fabric, can also be fabricated in other colours as per the preference of customer. We can also fabricate dual tone engine covers to differential from the conventional engine covers.

Intake and Exhaust Covers are designed for easy installation without climbing on the wing or using a ladder. Each cover folds into a compact circular bundle which can be easily stored in the bag supplied with the kit. 

Intake and Exhaust plugs have ‘remove before flight’ streamers attached to the face of plugs for extra safety. 

Pitot tube covers are designed to cover the entire pitot assembly. These covers can be slipped over the tube, it tightens around the base with a special Velcro strap. 

Nose Cover helps reduce damage to the upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat, it keeps the windshield and window surfaces clean and prevents scratches.

AeroChamp tailor made nose covers are designed to cover the windshield and side windows of the cockpit, the attachment buckles are made of non-metal for rugged outdoor use. Nose cover can be customised as per the specific requirement of customer and local weather conditions.

Each cover set comes with installation and folding manual. We can customise them further by printing/embroidering your company name and aircraft registration number on the engine covers.