Speciality consumables

Speciality consumables

Specialty Consumables

AeroChamp is a distributor of high-grade special-purpose consumables which are required by the aerospace industry.

Armite – Manufacturer of highest quality aerospace lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, rust penetrants, and other specialty chemical compounds. Armite’s R&D capability allows them to develop new products based on the specific requirements of the aerospace customer. Download Brochure

RPM Technology – High grade sealant remover, surface protector and surface cleaners for special application in the aerospace industry. These products are tested for different substrates and in challenging operational environment. Download Brochure

Callington – Callington has been the prime supplier of WHO biosecurity products since 1990 to the global aviation industry. Many of the aviation products hold Boeing, Airbus USAF French Military and NATO approvals. Disinfectants are required for aerospace application to inhibit the spread of pathogenes and other infectious material due to surface contamination. Download Brochure

AeroChamp through its global network of consumable suppliers and vast experience, is able to source speciality consumables based on aerospace customers’ requirements.