Design and Manufacturing

Mechanical Parts Manufacturing Services

We offer world-class manufacturing services: customised, high-quality and cost effective. Our company under JV partnership with well established machining facilities, meets the stringent precision requirements of the aerospace industry by providing close-tolerance upto 5 microns for precision-machined components.

  • Lathe machine
  • Multi axis CNC machine
  • Milling machine
  • Screw machine
  • Wire cutting machine
  • Laser & Waterjet cutting
  • 3D printing


We work with variety of plastics, metals, alloys, including commonly used materials such as aluminium and titanium. Skilled technicians under the supervision of veteran engineers deliver highest quality defence aircraft parts through close monitor at every stage from sample production to mass production. We offer complete services from concept/design development to manufacturing, including hardening, corrosion prevention coating, electro-plating, non-conductive plating, painting, testing, precision buffing and finishing. We also offer precious metal plating for high performance components. 

Our sourcing team can procure all types of aerospace metals and non-metalic materials from your approved vendors or from our global network of aerospace material suppliers with mill specs certificate. We are able to meet your TAT requirements because of our procurement team’s experience in sourcing aerospace material and our engineering team’s capability to design and execute complex projects.