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Insitu Repair of Galley and Cabin Damaged Wood Veneer

We received a call from a leading charter company requesting us to help them with the damaged wood veneer in the galley. On assessment it was found that the clear coat was chipped off and wood veneer was badly damaged while moving some metal trunk like structure. 

Since it was a charter company with advance passenger bookings, the challenge was grounding of aircraft. Based on our experience, we agreed to carryout the repair in-situ and make special arrangements to isolate the area and use high precision tools to repair the wood veneer. 

Customer was amazed to see the result and could not figure out the area of repair. We were able to carryout such a complex repair in-situ in just 2 days, due to the skill of our well trained technicians and guidance of our senior management.

Complexity of such repair lies in understanding the chemical composition of lacquer, use of high precision tools and skill to camouflage the wood veneer surface with the right composition of filler and surfacer.

**Since our technicians used different cameras to click before and after images, pl. ignore the light and colour of the veneer panel.